The Liberty Mash Up

Red Stag decoupaged with a mix of various Liberty tana lawn designs.
custom design details

Lock up your drinks cabinet!  Clear the floor!  The Party Monster is  In  The  Hoos ! 

The Liberty Mash Up is a joyful explosion of genuine tana lawn snippets n slivers that come together to  create a glorious jumble of colour that hits you – smack- right between the eyeballs! 

He starts off life as a regular patchwork design of which small hexagonal glimpses can still be seen peeping through.  During the design process however, these initial hexie patches have countless small adjustments made to them – a slice off here, a corner off there, all being replaced with a different slice, or a different corner in a carefully considered combination.

The end result is an absolute riot of colour. You’ll spot some of the most iconic Liberty designs in there;  Lodden, Ianthe, Mitsi, Capel, to name but a few.  It’s a veritable Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of a piece!  He comes out slightly different each and every time so rest assured that yours will be completely unique.

A total whizzbanger!

If you are interested in commissioning the biggest, baddest, boldest, statement-making piece of antler wall decor out there then please, don’t hesitate – contact me below!

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