about jen mackenzie antler art

You may wonder how I came to be creating antler wall art for a living, sometimes I wonder myself!
It was an unorthodox route. Having trained as a primary school teacher I bunked off for a couple of years to be a polo groom, then decided that maybe I’d live in Spain for a while and teach English, and then finally, at the same time as becoming an army wife/mother I went back to teaching. Good fun, but for me the best part was getting the displays up – you can’t ignore that creative tingle!

I started dabbling with decoupage on furniture and home accessories but was limited to what I could do in army accommodation.  The kitchen table would be as likely to have paint/glue and sandpaper on it as fishfingers, chips and beans but in 2014 after a fantastic posting to Inverness we made the decision to settle myself and the boys (all three of ‘em) in the beautiful Highlands.  With the addition of a most excellent workshop in the garden I was able to get cracking with all the ideas I had, and so stumbled into decoupage with antlers.

Everything I’ve achieved is self-taught, I’m relieved to say that my artwork has improved dramatically since the early days as I am continually experimenting with different materials and techniques in order to find new ways of creating customers’ bespoke requests and enhance my own designs. 

A finished antler piece, after many hours of work, is a jumble of decoupage, sculpture, painting, and a hefty dollop of flair!  I hope you enjoy browsing my collections, and if you have any queries please feel free to get in touch.



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