Commissioned Red Stag “Tremolando”
custom design details

When  the lovely Emma contacted me to commission a red stag piece with an autumnal/musical/saw strokes theme, I have to admit my initial thought was, “Yikes!”

She had been working with a good friend to gather and process red stag trophies, and due to her classical background they had put a musical style to the way they used a saw.  Emma had created a list of musical styles and their accompanying ‘Saw Stroke Requirements’ and wanted this to be the centrepiece of the design, all within an autumnal theme.

We worked together to shorten the list and to decide which words would go where depending on the actual space available. I then recreated the list using an online design tool to give it a bit more flair.  Once the text was on I could finish the piece off by adding the autumny bits.

I was delighted with how he turned out, and more to the point so was Emma (and her pal- who the antler piece was for!)

If you are interested in challenging me by commissioning a bespoke piece (large or small) then please do not hesitate to contact me below!

You could also check out my instagram page for some more inspiration as only a selection are on the website

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