Antique Caithness

Commissioned Red Stag – Caithness
custom design details

So this guy arrived looking very sorry for himself!  He had been cut rather haphazardly across the front leading to an uneven and truncated shape, in total opposition to the beautifully symmetrical antlers.  They were a family heirloom for my customer, who wanted them decoupaged with an antique map of Caithness for her father.

The first job was to add a bit more skull and even out his shape a bit.  This I achieved with layers off epoxy putty, sitting initially on a cardboard framework. 

Once I had the skull prepared I could get to work with the decoupage.  We had opted for an antique map in gorgeous neutral colours.

I was really pleased with how he turned out in the end, his superbly dark and characterful antlers an excellent counterfoil to the antique map.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke map piece, large or small then please do not hesitate to contact me below.

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