The Parachute Regiment (The Paras)

Full Skull Roebuck with the Parachute Regiment cap badge
custom design details

T H E  P A R A C H U T E   R E G I ME N T  (‘The Paras’)

A set of roebuck antlers with The Paras cap badge insignia.

The Parachute Regiment were formed in WWII and, save 1968, have been in constant action since. Determined and Courageous, they earned the nickname “Red Devils” from German Paras in North Africa. Heroic actions in Normandy, Arnhem, the Falklands and Afghanistan are cemented in Regimental folklore.  (Source: MOD)

The cipher consists of three main elements:

The Lion & Crown – The Royal Crest depicting the Tudor Crown and the Lion.

A Winged Parachute – The wings denote airborne generally, and the parachute the specific role of the regiment.

The Motto – Utrinque Paratas, “Ready for Anything”

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