The Rifles

Roebuck antlers with The Rifles military cap badge
custom design details

Roebuck antlers with the Rifles military cap badge.

The Rifles cap badge consists of the bugle horn surmounted by the Sovereign’s Crown. The silver bugle with its cords and tassels has long been the symbol of light infantry troops who first used the clarion call of the bugle instead of the drum to deliver messages and orders across the battlefields of the late 18th century.

“Swift and Bold”

A full skull Rifles piece is priced at £270.  Your commission will arrive boxed up in bespoke Jen Mackenzie packaging and will be ready to hang.  All (UK) postage and packing is included.

You can find other military commissions here, or why not check out my instagram page for some inspiration (if you need it!)

Please do not hesitate to contact me below to commission your own cap badge!

Prices can be found here.

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