Royal Marines ‘The Corps Crest’

Full Skull Roebuck with Royal Marines Cap/Beret badge
custom design details

The Corps Crest comprises 6 elements: The Lion and Crown; Gibraltar; The Globe; The Laurels; The Fouled Anchor and Per Mare Per Terram.

The Lion & Crown : The Royal Crest.  Presented to the Royal Marines in 1802 by King George III. The Lion and Crown shows
that the Royal Marines were a Royal Regiment.

Gibralter: The Capture and defence of Gibraltar in 1704 was considered by King George IV to be one of the most glorious achievements of the Royal Marines and that it should therefore appear as part of their crest.

The Globe
Presented by King George IV in 1827 in place of the one hundred and nine battle honours which the marines honorably earned.

The Laurels
Granted for gallantry displayed by the marines in the capture of Belle Isle in 1761.

The Fouled Anchor: The badge of The Lord High Admiral,
was first worn by the Marines in 1747 and indicates that the Corps is part of the Royal Navy.

Per Mare Per Terram: “By Sea By Land”. Per Mare Per Terram is believed to have been used for the first time in 1775 at Bunker Hill.

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