HOUSE OF HACKNEY 12 points stag

Large 10 pointed red stag decoupaged in House of Hackney wallpaper

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Like it’s blue counterpart this impressive red stag trophy has been decoupaged with a section of the House of Hackney ‘Rosetta’ wallpaper focusing more on the mustards/yellows and reds.   This guy has a beautiful set of antlers with superb shape and colouration. He has 10 points (plus a couple of baby tines!) all symmetrically placed.

Taken from the House of Hackney website here’s a great description of the design:

“Showcasing the original embroidery of an 18th century silk jacquard, ‘Rosetta’ blooms with chrysanthemums, daffodils, tulips and primroses – encompassing the verve and vitality of flowers.  In classic colourways – from ‘Tea’ to ‘Verdigris’ – the Rosetta wallpaper unfurls with flowers in a poetic reimagining of an 18th century silk jacquard.”

As you can see from the pictures the flowing design of Rosetta works brilliantly with the contours of the skull. Would make the perfect statement piece as he’ll fit into any decor scheme, from contemporary and eclectic to traditional and neutral.

As always, there is a smattering of metallic gold on the bumpy antler pearling and interiors of the skull to accentuate the delicate hues of the main piece.  Gorgeous!

This big chap will come ready to hang, all you need is a sturdy wall!

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• Dimensions (approx): W80cm x H95cm x D50cm

 • Genuine House of Hackney wallpaper

For other versions of House of Hackney wallpaper designs that would work brilliantly on a set of antlers why not have a browse through their amazing collection?!

Check out the teal version of this design on my instagram page for some inspiration!

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