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Full Skull Roebuck ‘Tutti Frutti’


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Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom!

Tutti Frutti, the most vibrant of the floral collection is bound to make you smile! He’s cheeky and playful and I bet you’re humming the tune right now!

 This bold design combines bright corals and teals with custardy creams with some navy for contrast. The subtle gold detailing on both the interior and the bumpy antler pearling adds to the playful design which can sit easily within all decor schemes.  I love the colour combinations of this piece, and he’s so versatile that he can go on either a pale or dark wall and still look the biz!

Tutti Frutti would look great as a colourpop feature on a gallery wall or rested with care on the mantel or bookshelf.  

Finished with a keyhole wall fixing and a fancy wax stamp of authenticity, he’s available as the larger full skull pictured, or a smaller capped half skull here.

♦ Full skull roebuck antlers

♦  Vibrant coral /teal design

♦ Gold tones detailing

♦ Superb gift for every occasion.

♦  Size: Approximately 38 x 10 cm

♦ Free UK shipping

♦ Handmade to order in 10 – 14 days


Please note that every set of antlers is made to order and unique. The end product you receive may be slightly different from the pictures listed. This is due to the natural differences in each set of antlers.

If you have any queries, need a quick turnaround because you’ve been caught on the hop or wish to discuss a commission, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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