Velveteen ii

Capped Skull Roebuck ‘Velveteen’ (Gunmetal)

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Meet Velveteen – the black sheep (deer 😏) of the floral family!

Inspired by a nostalgic and enduring love of Transvision Vamp, (many hours on the school bus spent blasting their tunes out of my Walkman!) this was the first floral design and still my favourite.  There’s a cool punky pop vibe going on with this guy, he’s a wee bit moody and a wee bit glam – I love him!

Featuring a dark floral design with a combination of pinks, blues and yellows on an inky background he has a cool gothic appeal.  The gunmetal interior of Velveteen i / ii gives this design a slightly edgy feel, while the smattering of metallic gold pops on the antler pearling keep things from getting too moody.

Velveteen will arrive complete with wall fixings and a fancy wax stamp of authenticity.  Pop him up on your wall to create an instant feature, or he can look just as effective placed on a mantel or bookshelf.  

The perfect addition to an eclectic interior, he comes in four different versions Velveteen ii being the slightly smaller half skull…what are you waiting for?! 

If you’d like to compare him to his slightly more glamorous cousin with a fully gilded interior, take a look at Velveteen iv

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♦ Capped skull roebuck antlers

♦ Black Floral design (gunmetal interior)

♦ Subtle gold detailing on the antler pearling

♦ Superb gift for every occasion.

♦  Size: Approximately 33 x 10 cm

♦ Free UK shipping

♦ Handmade to order in 10 – 14 days


Please note that every set of antlers is made to order and unique. The end product you receive may be slightly different from the pictures listed. This is due to the natural differences in each set of antlers.

If you have any queries, need a quick turnaround because you’ve been caught on the hop or wish to discuss a commission, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.


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